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visual explorations of Mundanity and nostalgia 

Illustration By Rosie Wainwright


Rosie Wainwright celebrates the banal landmarks of Wakefield through the nostalgic lens one only really has when exploring their hometown. Her 24 page publication visually documents her journey round the Wakefield she knows and loves.

"Since I became conscious of it, I was always interested and humoured by the contrasts that existed in the North and the place I grew up; the parallels of run down places and beauty spots, the wholesomeness and grimness, the completely unextraordinary elements of daily life and those bizarre and remarkable occurrences, things that often only exist in northern towns.
Photography as a form of documentary was a big part of this project, both my own and found imagery, which I processed and integrated with drawing, type and other forms of image making.
This project challenged me to confront somewhat conflicting feelings about my hometown and through reflecting and making, allowed me to appreciate the beauty in mundanity and the realisation that nothing is really that mundane at all."

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