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Illustrated by Rebecca Orr

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 Rebecca’s practise focuses on consciousness, nostalgia, love, autobiography, and femininity by encouraging a cathartic atmosphere of vulnerability. This set of work mixes mediums such as text  and painting to directly express her own experiences from artist to audeince.

"I made these pieces in my first semester of university; I was focusing on stripping back my work to draw on elements of mark making, texture, and line and wanted to make some work combining these experiments with my own preferred style. I love working with text, the direct communication it demands, the depth it adds to a piece, however I couldn’t let it become the central point of my work through this semester; instead I created these two pieces as a blend. The pieces are far from perfect, and I question myself as to whether they are ‘finished’ or not, or even if they ever could be. Working with line allows for constant addition, and the ambiguity of it is perhaps as ambiguous as the questions the pieces pose directly. The works not only serve as a practical exercise but also address the themes of identity, relationships, and the idea of the unconscious vs the conscious; the blur between the aforementioned ambiguity and frankness represents the blur between the unconscious and the conscious, whether that be in relation to thought and feeling. The majority of my work revolves around identity and my relationship with myself and others, these pieces are no different. I often use work as a process of catharsis and I hope those viewing these pieces are able to ponder the questions they raise and find their own form of release in turn."


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