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Reimagine the form

By Maisie Savage

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Understanding our own femininity is a difficult endeavor, but isolation may be the time to begin experiencing existence without the male gaze. Maisie visually explores the juxtaposition of what it means to be seen as female and the reality of how one can embody their sensuality. From investigating scopophilia in the field of photography to painting. the body as a carcass.

"My charcoal sketches explore the female form and how women are often labelled as either  soft or harsh.  Questioning the idea that femininity is described/imagined as predominately delicate and smooth. I wanted to show how female sexuality can be a combination of toughnesses and elegance through the blend of sharp, harsh, angular shapes and smooth shading. 

I wanted to distort the female form to resemble a carcass/ strung up piece of meat, displaying a brutal femininity, contrasting the idea that a woman's body is/ must be portrayed as delicate. The composition is inspired by multiple photos of my own nude body that I merged to create this form."


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