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Crossing paths

Paintings by Lottie Morton

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Lottie creates paintings with warm yet muted tones inspired by 1970s and 90s colour palettes- here she talks about allowing the creative process to take over and dictate where the work ends up.

"I find it difficult and sometimes feel somewhat insincere when I explain ‘meanings’ or ‘purpose’ behind the work I create because I honestly rarely know what the outcome will be and begin creating with only vague ideas consisting of colour palettes and particular motifs in my head. My work tends to be created through completely subconscious processes; I find this way of creating far more cathartic and freeing than creating something completely preconceived. I struggle significantly with staying attentive to one particular thing and so letting my mind wonder as I create seems essential.I have worked with layering in the form of collage and mixing mediums such as acrylic with pencil and/or oil pastel. Nowadays I don’t feel like a piece is complete if it only consists of one medium. As with layering anything, each layer takes on its own purpose, however, less so in a structural way and more so in every layer representing a different aspect of the final piece: The drawing on top being more impulsive and the base layer being the more intentional portion."


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