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Photography by Lola Primrose


Lola uses polaroids to explore what it means to live slowly during isolation. These photos act as an extension of her usual photographic practise by documenting her day to day experiences in a diary format.

"I have been taking solitude in my childhood home, surrounded by the nature and changes of seasons that I know like the back of my hand. This has been my inspiration – documenting a fleeting spring that I haven’t been able to share with others. Yet time for oneself is often forgotten in the constant bustle of modern life, and isolation has given me endless amounts of headspace to reflect on things that have manifested in the past few years. I’ve learnt to appreciate the beauty of slowness and stillness even more, reflecting this within my photos which are focused on sensibility and emblematic of my many moods throughout these strange times.

My practise hasn’t altered in terms of how much I produce, but more so how I choose to capture my everyday life. I have drifted away from 35/120mm film and delved into my love for instant photography – my collection of photos were taken on a Polaroid One camera with Polaroid 600 film. This immediate gratification of having an image in your hands within the space of a few minutes has helped me to maintain a creative narrative in my isolation, and the moments will remain stronger in my memory."

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