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Photography by Léa Mariella

Glasgow School of art student Léa Mariella is strongly influenced by a background in environmental and behavioural sciences, focusing on the definition of ‘the body’ in a political and cultural context. From physiological studies of boxing practice to the documentation of physically limited artists, Léa’s use of visual language aims to highlight the inherent link between scientific and artistic disciplines. As a photographer, Léa constantly questions her practice with a clear emphasis on ethics and empathy to establish honesty and humanity.

"’60, Seconds Out’ is an on-going documentary examining the semiotic structures of a boxing club as environment and of boxing as practice involving the body.

Focusing on details such as sweat, fibres and pores, this photographic series aims to convey an intimate and sensory experience of boxing, clashing with the immediate association of the practice as ultimately violent.

The images, deliberately generated ‘in-between’ rounds lasting exactly 60 seconds, records the unique effects of boxing training on the individual as a suspension of time. From close-up portraits to contextualising environmental shots, ‘60, Seconds Out’ intends to offer a visual access into the Language of a boxing club.

It also illuminates the importance and multi-faceted nature of a community space within sports.

I consider this project as being in collaboration with the members of the Kelvin Amateur Boxing Club in Govanhill, Glasgow, whom kindly welcomed me."


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