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Photography by Izzy Leach


Recent graduate of Glasgow school of art Izzy Leach explores themes such as religion, mythology and storytelling. Her  portraits demand you to unpick them through the use of cultural symbols and historical references. Seven ages has been shown in various forms from exhibitions, online publishing to book form ( textiles by Katerina Knight).

"Throughout my projects you can see the development of various stories that are influenced by place, culture and time. My most recent, completed project, ‘Seven Ages’ is a photographic series based upon the ‘Seven Ages of Man’ monologue from the Shakespearian play, ‘As You Like It’. In it, Shakespeare surmises that a man’s life can be split into seven archetypal ages; ‘the Infant’, ‘the Schoolboy’, ‘the Lover’, ‘the Soldier’, ‘the Justice’, ‘the Pantaloon’ and ‘Old Age’. The series contemplates these figures and reframes them through large format photography within contemporary life. The images take their cue from Renaissance art and feature entirely female protagonists captured in their homes across the region of Dumfries and Galloway; shedding an alternative light on the traditionally male roles recorded throughout history. 

Currently we are living in unprecedented and challenging times that are showing us the value of community and highlighting the freedom that we have until recently taken for granted. Over the next year I would like to focus on fresh projects that deal with these topics, and pay attention to ideas that might have otherwise been overlooked if we not had this time to read, observe and reflect."



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