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Silver Screen Study

Photography by Freya Tate

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This body of work is titled ‘Silver Screen Study’ and explores the similarities and differences in how cinema and photography function as storytelling. The photographs are taken in a highly cinematic style and tell the loose narrative of an anonymous fugitive on the run from a detective during the 1960s. Silver Screen Study demonstrates my obsession with cinema, and how it compares to photography, researching into film theory has been vital for the creation of this project, specifically colour theory.  I learnt how colour triggers certain emotions and forge unconscious links. This work aims to not only allow the audience to escape into a fantasy world but to make the viewer pay attention to the medium of film, I want people to slow down and reconsider how cinema functions as storytelling. For me, my autistic mind focuses on all the small elements that make up art, I would love to share this with my audience to appreciate the complexity of cinema. At its core ‘Silver Screen Study’ is a love letter to storytelling, focusing on film but moving away from just traditional narrative and referencing contemporary film-makers such as David Lynch and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. 

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