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Perpetual oversharing: sex and rage

work by Anna Davies

The weights and responsibilities of a wo
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The everyday becomes a comment on sex, ethics and gender codes in Anna Davies work. Recording her thoughts and experiences through a sculptural lens Davies communicates the burden that is being a millenial woman. Discussing casual sex in such a shame free manner Davies takes in accusations of ovesharing and uses them to her advantage in her work and by doing so destigmatises typically ‘crude’ feelings for women to express.

"I use objects from the realm of the home in my sculptures in relation to gender and domesticity in order to directly illustrate these gender roles we feel pressured to fit into today. Inspired by object-oriented philosophy, I find it important to think about the relationship and distinction between the object and the human. My work materialises the idea that objects have an agency beyond human capacities, and therefore that objects hold the potential for multiple interpretations. I work with a conversation between two or multiple components, usually involving balancing and/or a push and pull. The mechanical element of my work was animated by the influence of thinking about gestures and movement in relation to gender. 

After reading Nell Dunn’s “Talking to Women” I was shocked by how relevant these conversations that Dunn was highlighting in the 1960s still are for contemporary society today. The debates with Dunn’s text echo my own experiences and those of my close female friends. Subsequently, my work critiques this and highlights the importance of addressing the deficit. Aren’t you just exhausted by the same old shit?"

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