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It must be somewhere here

Photography by Amber Brown


Amber Brown is a Northumbrian photographer combining 'slow' large format photography and printmaking. Amber's work discusses her relationship with home through a personal, social, political and cultural narrative. Her practise also examines post-industrial landscape, ideas of Northernness and how archives can interact with the contemporary. 

‘It must be somewhere here’ is a year-long, continuous survey of the Northern deep coal-mining landscape. As the granddaughter of two miners, it acts as both a geographical study and inquiry into ancestry. The work depicts former colliery sites which have been visually affected by the chemical aftermath of deep coal-mining. Unnaturally high levels of chemicals in still-draining mine-water stains rocks orange, and the erosion of cliff formations reveals materials from a colliery landfill. Amber records various places of memorial and colliery remains. Through ‘slow’ large format photography, the artists book, and printmaking, she creates work in which time cannot be specified, where the process is elongated as much as possible, commenting on manual labour, materiality and the ritual of returning home to walk in the empty industrial lands where man once laid his hand.

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