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Photography by Ailish MacDonald


As a response to the first lockdown of 2020 Ailish created this body of work that visually represents touch, philosophy and the human condition. By using layering and colour theory Ailish creates these compositions that feel eerie yet familiar.

"My interests lie within humanity and personhood, and the idea of representing humans through a lens of encapsulating the good, the bad and the ugly - often with sardonic undertones. In my 'Elements' series I was using and repurposing my own 35mm photography through different methods primarily through the use of images of the body. This was presented through composite parts with an emphasis on varying materials; photographic slip decal acting as a representation of 'skin' through the plastic material's thin delicate quality, screen printed canvas material acting as a soft imprint like memory, leather thread as the clothes that we choose to section of the parts of ourselves we don't want to reveal to others with the occasional splash of colour added to indicate life. The pieces, partially inspired by Carl Jung's theory of the individuation process, required actions that, in turn, required a lot of contemplation which is something that felt quite fitting due to the philosophical roots of the works and is something that continues to inform my creative process currently."

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